Why is air tightness important and what does it mean?

Airtightness, like insulation, is a component of the fabric-first approach to retrofitting, which aims to reduce the need for space heating and create thermally efficient homes.

The primary goal of airtightness is to completely seal off any unexpected gaps and cracks in the building’s external envelope. Creating an environment that is healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient requires airtightness. As opposed to air leakage, which occurs when gaps and cracks that shouldn’t have been there in the first place cause leaks.

cost reduction

Lower Heating Bills


Improved Health

Allergen-inducing substances can enter a building through air leakage, whether the air is coming from the outside or the building’s fabric itself.


Improved Building

Airtightness guards against damage caused by moisture-laden air leaking into the building envelope and condensing on the fabric of the building.

Improved comfort levels

Reduced summertime overheating and improved wintertime insulation are both largely dependent on airtightness


Improved Acoustics

Sound travels very effectively through air. Sound transfer can be reduced more effectively at higher airtightness levels.

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