BEC - Our Experience

Kingdom Installation Ltds Experience in Successful BEC Projects Completed.

Kingdom Installation Ltd. have been involved in completing large scale energy upgrading projects throughout Ireland for over 10 years with specific reference to Housing Associations under the SEAI Better Energy Community Scheme and the National Housing Retrofit programs.

Our previous experience of successful delivery of SEAI Projects which have been carried out to our project and quality assurance plans are listed in our portfolio section on our website.

At Kingdom Installation Ltd we take our commitment to service standards and quality assurance very seriously. Our customers, suppliers and contractors rely on the rigour of our processes, accuracy of our work, our high service standards, and quality assurance systems. Furthermore, we understand that the quality of our work can impact upon the health and safety of many thousands of householders which is our workplace.

We understand the costs of poor quality in terms of re-inspections, rework, delay, dissatisfied householders, and potential penalties if any measure of energy upgrade works is rejected.

Kingdom’s Project Team include highly qualified and experienced managers and all the contractors proposed are well established reputable firms that have worked on previous SEAI Schemes and have a proven track record.

If you have a project in mind that you think might be suitable, please talk to us. We will be happy to discuss it with you and see if we can work together to deliver your project.

We will visit your premises/Homes/Community Buildings etc and carry out detailed surveys on the buildings and provide you with a detailed report together with a feasibility study which will set down the potential grant offers from SEAI and a participating Energy Supplier (who will purchase the energy credits delivered on a project) which will help to go towards the overall cost of the project.

Over the past 4 years, Kingdom Installation Ltd. have successfully completed 14 large scale projects throughout Ireland under the BEC Scheme, for Respond, Focus Housing, Cooperative Housing Ireland, Grantstown Housing Association, St Itas Housing Association, Dromcollogher Housing Association and Cluíd Housing Association in the following Counties, Donegal, Sligo, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Clare, Waterford, Wexford, Mayo and Kerry.

In total, Kingdom Installation Ltd. have completed over 1,500 social/Housing Association and private houses and over 90 non-domestic buildings including community buildings, sports clubs, schools, shops, factories and businesses through the SEAI Better Energy Communities schemes.

SEAI have confirmed to us that they were delighted with our progress throughout our most recent 2023 projects and that we met all milestone deadlines. They also noted that we achieved a 100% inspection pass rate throughout all projects.

We have not only been involved in SEAI BEC Communities schemes over the last number of years, we are also on SEAI’S National Framework to deliver energy upgrades to existing houses throughout Ireland under the re named Fully Funded Scheme which was formally called the Better Energy Warmth and Wellbeing schemes where we have successfully delivered energy upgrades to over 800 homes throughout Ireland to date.

The Better Energy Community Scheme is Ireland’s national retrofit initiative aimed at upgrading building stock and facilities to high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage, thereby reducing fossil fuel usage, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

By supporting project structures that can be easily replicated, Better Energy hopes to showcase retrofit project models that can be implemented without SEAI support in the future.

As part of this initiative, the BEC programme supports new approaches to achieving high quality improvements in energy efficiency within Irish communities. By bringing together groups of buildings under the same retrofit programme, BEC projects facilitate community-wide energy improvements more efficiently and cost effectively than might otherwise be possible.

If you are interested in joining up with our successful team, we would welcome the opportunity in looking at your housing stock, and other non-residential buildings. We would carry out a detailed investigation and report on what could be completed under the 2023/2024 scheme where the application process is now open all year round.
Over the past number of years, we have clearly demonstrated that we have the experience and proven track record of project coordinating large scale social housing projects.

We have the knowledge of SEAI code of practice, technical standards, and specification (as our 100% pass rate demonstrates) in relation to all standard measures being implemented within the BEC Schemes.

We understand the long-term customer partnership approach and we have worked in partnership with SEAI and the public sector for many large-scale complex projects always creating service value and exceptional project standards.

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