Windows & Doors

Window & Door replacement

Window & Door replacements have been recommended for your home because the energy performance of some or all of your current windows and doors are insufficient and they require upgrading to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

What does the installation involve?

  • During the pre-works survey, Kingdom will measure the windows and doors to be replaced. The contractor will then send the dimensions to the supplier so they can be manufactured. The standard waiting time varies between 8-12 weeks from order to installation.
  • The windows & doors being replaced will be removed and replaced with the new units. The existing windows & doors will be removed by the contractor and environmentally disposed of.
  • If you have an alarm system in place with window & door sensors, you must contact your alarm company to remove and reinstall the sensors/system before works start and when the works are complete. Your contractor will not carry out this work as only alarm technicians are licensed to reconnect alarms to new windows & doors. It is your responsibility to manage this process.

What you should expect during the works?

  • Three to four people may be needed to install the windows & doors, depending on the level of work involved.
  • Your contractor’s team will need to access each room where windows & doors are being replaced in order to fit the windows & doors from the inside.
  • The duration of works will depend on the number and size of windows & doors being replaced, but should take no longer than two days.
  • Reveals may need to be patched or re-plastered by the contractor. Reveals will be left ready for painting by the homeowner.
  • Tiles may be damaged at reveals. As it will be almost impossible to match tiles, reveals will be plastered, ready for painting by the homeowner.
  • Before works commence, curtains and blinds are to be removed and all furniture and belongings are to be moved away from the windows and doors to allow clear access for the works. Reinstatement of blinds/curtains are the responsibility of the homeowner.

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